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About Us

MICROBIT TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD, your one-stop Information Technology solutions provider, we enable you to establish and manage your systems and network infrastructure for connectivity with your employees and business partners. Microbit Technology was established in 1992 with the objective of providing comprehensive IT solutions for business enterprises. With our vast experience, qualify and competent technical team, we are here to help you piece together all your business needs and address your key concerns. Most of all, peace of mind on all IT matters. As an established corporate IT solutions provider, Microbit Technology is equipped with professional in-house capabilities to provide consistent services and support for major brands of IT hardware and software. We are known for our dynamic organization culture that is focused on the needs of our customers, we are definitely your preferred partner in infrastructure technology and solutions. At Microbit Technology, we pride ourselves in understanding our customers' needs, whether in deployment of hardware or when support is required. Our service oriented philosophy ensures long-term commitment in the support of our services and products to a rapidly growing list of customers.

Our Mission

Microbit Technology strives to excel and deliver the highest standards in information technology products and services. We aim to be your preferred partner for effective systems integration and implementation of information technology.